Insurrexion was born from the ashes of the dreams of two individuals in the cosmic years of 2003 and 2004. Several rehearsals were submitted at an early age with precarious instruments and under other moniker, Akeldama. This early incarnation of the band was summoned by Psicopompos and Ian on a dead city called Cabildo. As time passed by, the will to create deeply darkened and fast bestial Death Metal increased, and in order to gain more experience and sharpen their skills, both of them contributed in several other serious bands devoted to the darkside and the ultimate truth!

Shortly after, Psicopompos and Ian followed together and re-organized their long dead but not forgotten dreams of doing magickal, vibrating and Astral Metal of Death. In the meantime, during the uncreation process of doing new anthems, the 2011 rehearsal demotape was recorded at Ian´s place and distributed only to close contacts of the band.


In doing so, A.A.A joined and offered his mystic charm and poetry to constitute even more this entity,

Unleashing the second demo called "La Espada de la Esencia" (The Essence's Sword).


The Actual Line Up:

A.A.A. : Vocals/Bass

Ian : Drums

Psicopompos : Lead Guitar

Ale : Rythm Guitar


  • Insurrexión - Demo I Reh - 2012
  • Metal Determination - Lapis Lazuli  Comp. - 2013
  • Insurrexión - Demo II - La Espada de la Esencia - 2014
  • Insurrexión - Demo III  Soon


Working on details for the new Demo

Just 4 songs of vibrating Astral Metal of Death.