Ceremonial was spawned in early 2010 from the ashes of previous nationalist black metal projects and our constant need for creating metal. The band was formed and named by Execrador (guitar/bass) and Lucifago (vocals/guitar) right after Bliol(Gorhoth) joined in drums and completed Ceremonial's first black trinity. Soon afterwards, Yelworc(k)(Ereshkigal) joined the circle in bass guitar and fully completed the band. Ceremonial's main aim is to crush and mock on the origins of ignorance and create original occult lyrics and magical execution of black/thrash metal.

Ceremonial se engendrada en los comienzos del maldito año 2010 de las cenizas de bandas black metal mas la magnética voluntad de crear metal. Formada por Execrador (Guitar/bass) y Lucifago (Vocals/guitar), para posteriomente formar la primera trinidad con bliol (gorhoth). Tiempo después Yelworc(K) (Ereshkigal) se integra tocando el bajo, formando el primer circulo.

Now Ceremonial IS:

Execrador  - Voice/Guitar

Bliol - Drums

Yelworc(k) - Bass/Whispers